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IBB serves as a catalyst for innovative bioengineering and bioscience research at the interface of disciplines.  Its role on campus is to breakdown barriers by acting as a catalyst to bring together colleges, departments and individual faculty members to build collaborations and more importantly, a strong community focused on groundbreaking scientific research.


IBB investigators are working on next-generation biomaterial technologies that integrate synthetic materials with biological functionalities to create innovative biomaterials that specifically interact with biological systems to elicit prescribed responses and biological integration. Read More.


IBB investigators are developing a fundamental understanding of biomechanics over a wide range of length scales.

Cancer Biology

IBB is home to several research labs that focus on various elements of cancer biology research.  Interests include basic studies in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, immunology, in addition to translational research focused on problems of immediate clinical applicability.  Read More

Molecular Evolution

IBB researchers are trying to reconstruct and resurrect ancient biological assemblies, such as the ribosome in order to understand the potential of discovering and characterizing the oldest traceable macromolecules and machines of life. Read More.


Pharmaceuticals save lives, alleviate suffering, and are highly cost effective compared to other treatments. In IBB, researchers seek to further improve pharmaceuticals through research on drug design, drug development and drug delivery. Read More

Regenerative Medicine

IBB has over 40 investigators whose research is focused in the regenerative medicine field. Projects range from creating better techniques for wound repair to peripheral nerve regeneration. Read More

Stem Cell Engineering

Stem cells hold tremendous promise as a biological resource for regenerative medicine therapies, pharmaceutical discovery and development, and cell-based diagnostic assays. Read More.

Systems Biology

Systems biology is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on complex interactions in biological systems in order to improve the design of molecular and cell-based technologies. Read More.


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