Sheldon May




Regents' Professor
Primary School/Department: 
Georgia Tech School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Areas:

Research Areas: 
Drug Design, Development and Delivery

Research Interests:

Professor May is interested in rational, molecularly based approaches to problems in neurochemistry, in the development of novel enzyme effectors such as suicide substrates and transition state analogs, and in basic mechanistic studies on enzymes involved in the biosynthesis, metabolism, interconversion and regulation of neurotransmitters, neuroregulators and biologically active neuropeptides and peptide hormones. Both chemical and physical techniques are being used to investigate the structure and reactivity of these enzymes, and detailed stereochemical and structural studies on substrates, products, and inhibitors are being pursued. In addition, pharmacological techniques are being utilized in order to evaluate the action of novel enzyme effectors on cardiovascular and neurological functions. Dr. May's group has established a special cell culture laboratory which is used extensively in their neurochemical work.