Healthcare Robotics Traineeship Broadens Students' Academic Experiences and Community

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Students from the Accessibility, Rehabilitation, and Movement Science (ARMS): An Interdisciplinary Traineeship Program in Human-Centered Robotics. Left to right: Katelyn Fry, Henry Clever & Jin Xu, Luke Drnach

Trainees preparing to observe a minimally invasive gastric bypass surgery at Emory Midtown Hospital. Pictured left to right: Henry Clever (BME) & Jin Xu (ECE)

Luke Drnach doing some data analysis.

Katelyn Fry poses with NAO.

Fry dons a set of motion capture markers (illuminated dots) and electromyography (EMG) electrodes (pink bands) to participate in Drnach's human-human interaction study. The markers reflect light from a camera so Drnach can measure the locations of the body segments.

"Babby Michele," a kicking baby doll used in Fry's research to simulate infant kicking motion. Fry uses Babby to test sensor suit designs and to collect synthetic data before she tests her work on human babies.