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Georgia Tech and Emory researchers collaborate on human feasibility trial

For these five engineering faculty, time spent in the private sector proved to be invaluable.

Researcher is ending 2020 by winning a top award in his discipline, co-authoring an attention-getting study on water on the Moon, and sharing in national exposure for his research in a major NASA space project

Georgia Tech researchers have successfully engineered synthetic biomimetic cilia and developed a mechanism for manipulating them using magnetic fields in a way that mimics their natural motion to assist in a variety of applications.

Computational Neural Engineering Program at Georgia Tech and Emory holds first annual online retreat

Georgia Tech/BME assistant professor recognized with career development honor for original, creative work

Interventions such as shelter-in-place taken to control the SARS-CoV-2 virus can reduce infections and overall deaths.

Rudy Gleason and Hong Yeo collaborating on device for continuous health monitoring of at-risk infants

Coulter Department chair earns one of the highest honors in health and medicine

IBB’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


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Molecule from the sea squirt microbiome battles deadly fungal infections in a new way.
Experts warn that people shouldn’t rely too heavily on any single risk-assessment tool because they can give a false sense of security.
Low-cost device could address age-related hearing loss worldwide.
Joshua Weitz launched an interactive map over the summer that uses real-time data to show the risk of attending events of various sizes in different places.
Joshua Weitz posted a thread on Twitter urging students to be careful these next few weeks.
A tool designed at Georgia Tech to help policymakers, event planners and individuals easily grasp the risks associated with gatherings of different sizes throughout the United States and, increasingly, across the world.
With the launch of the United States Space Force and NASA’s planned Artemis missions to the Moon, our nation may be reigniting its curiousity with what’s beyond.
Experiments reveal fish fins aren’t just for getting around - they could have implications for underwater robotics.
A variety of calculators and other tools can help predict individual risk -- or how risky the situation or event is.