Neha Garg




Assistant Professor
Primary School/Department: 
Georgia Tech School of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Office Location: 
EBB 4016
Georgia Institute of Technology

Research Interests:

Eukaryotes, including humans, are 'petri dishes', hosting an abundant and a rich prokaryotic 'microbiome'. The Garg Lab aims to understand the molecular interactions between a eukaryotic host and its microbiome, and how these molecular interactions dictate human health and disease. Using a concoction of innovative tools including bioinformatics, clinical microbiology, mass spectrometry, DNA sequencing, and mass spectrometry-based 2D and 3D spatial imaging, we aim to delineate specific molecules that modulate the dynamics of microbial involvement in our response to genetic and environmental triggers of disease. We characterize the biosynthesis of these small molecule natural products to innovate developement of new therapeutics.