Michael Borich




Assistant Professor
Primary School/Department: 
Emory Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Title 2: 
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Georgia Tech
Title 3: 
Training Faculty, Neuroscience Graduate Program, Emory University

Office Location: 
Emory Rehabilitation Hospital, R228
Emory University

Research Keywords:

Neuroimaging, neurostimulation, rehabilitation, neural plasticity, motor learning, stroke

Research Areas:

Research Areas: 
Regenerative Medicine

Research Interests:

My research interests are centered on understanding the adaptive capacity of the human nervous system in order to create innovative rehabilitation interventions to ameliorate disability and improve quality of life for individuals with neurologic impairment. My research laboratory is focused on translational neurorehabilitation in a highly collaborative atmosphere. Transdisciplinary collaborations are embraced at every opportunity in an effort to inform our work and contribute to the activities of other scientists. I also see these collaborations as a fertile training ground for students in the lab that come from neuroscience, medicine, biomedical engineering, physical therapy, computer science, etc.