Luke Brewster




Assistant Professor, Division of Vascular Surgery
Primary School/Department: 
Emory Department of Surgery
Title 2: 
Program Faculty, Bioengineering Program, Georgia Institute of Technology
Title 3: 
Program Faculty, Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory Biomedical Engineering Program

Office Location: 
Emory WMRB 5211
Emory University

Research Affiliations:

Research Center Affiliations: 
Center for Medical Robotics
Regenerative Engineering and Medicine (REM)

Research Areas:

Research Areas: 
Molecular, Cellular and Tissue Biomechanics

Research Interests:

The Brewster Laboratory is interested in determining the effect of altered biomechanics and extracellular matrix formation during arterial remodeling after vascular intervention in stiffened and diseased arteries. Using animal models and human arterial tissue, I quantify the in and ex vivo contribution of the cellular and extracellular matrix to biomechanical forces of the artery in stiffened and healthy states. In turn these forces manipulate the cellular and extracellular matrix composition of these arteries during remodeling, and this response is different in stiffened arteries, which are commonly encountered clinically. Thus understanding of this pathologic remodeling in model and human tissue is novel and critical to the development of intelligent therapeutics.