David Jaye




Assistant Professor, Hematopathology Service
Primary School/Department: 
Emory Department of Pathology

Emory University

Research Interests:

-��Inflammation/ Hematopathology I have 2 areas of ongoing investigation. One focus is a C-type lectin-family receptor (CD303) expressed uniquely on the surface of human plasmacytoid dendritic cells. Data suggest that this receptor impacts function of these cells in innate and adaptive immunity. We have developed unique biochemical tools to better understand the structure and function of CD303 including identification of natural binding targets whether of self or non-self origin. Specific efforts focus on identifying the specific counter-receptors on these targets and better characterizing the impact of receptor-ligand engagement. A second focus involves deciphering the role of the Bcl-6 interacting transcriptional co-repressor MTA3 and BCL6 in B cell lymphomas, work done in collaboration with Dr. P. Wade at NIEHS, and translating this knowledge into diagnostically useful tools.