Chethan Pandarinath




Adjunct Assistant Professor
Primary School/Department: 
Wallace H. Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering

Office Location: 
Emory WMRB 6001
Georgia Institute of Technology


Prior to joining the faculty at Emory and GA Tech in Dec. 2016, Dr. Pandarinath received his bachelor’s degrees in Computer Engineering and Physics from NC State, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell, and was a postdoctoral fellow in Neurosurgery and Electrical Engineering at Stanford. His work has spanned systems neuroscience and brain-machine interfaces across visual and motor systems. He was the recipient of the Stanford Dean’s Fellowship and the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship in spinal cord injury research, and was a finalist for the 2015 Sammy Kuo Award in Neuroscience from the Stanford School of Medicine.

Research Affiliations:

Research Center Affiliations: 
Center for Neural Engineering

Research Areas:

Research Areas: 

Research Interests:

Our work centers on understanding how the brain represents information and intention, and using this knowledge to develop high-performance, robust, and practical assistive devices for people with disabilities and neurological disorders. We take a dynamical systems approach to characterizing the activity of large populations of neurons, combined with rigorous systems engineering (signal processing, machine learning, control theory, real-time system design) to advance the performance of brain-machine interfaces and neuromodulatory devices.