Adam M. Klein

Adam M Klien




Director, Emory Voice Center
Primary School/Department: 
Emory Department of Otolaryngology – Head & Neck Surgery
Title 2: 
Chief, Division of Laryngology
Title 3: 
Willard and Lillian Hackerman Professor in Voice
Title More: 
Department of Otolaryngology – HNS

Office Location: 
Emory University School of Medicine
Emory University


Adam M. Klein, MD, FACS joined the Emory Voice Center in the Emory Department of Otolaryngology in 2005 after completing a fellowship in Laryngology and Care of the Professional Voice at the Harvard University for Laryngeal Surgery and Voice Restoration.  His research interests include vocal fold reanimation, recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, neurologic disorders of the voice and surgical simulation.  He has been issued US patents for Apparatuses and Methods for Simulating Microlaryngeal Surgery and Surgical Arm Support for Phonomicrosurgery, with others pending. 

As an innovator of new surgical and simulation devices, Dr. Klein has worked to build a culture of collaboration between his department and the Georgia Institute of Technology.  He serves as a faculty mentor for the Masters in Biomedical Innovation and Development program, as well as numerous senior design projects.  He created and directs the Emory Innovation Group in Otolaryngology and lectures nationally and internationally on new innovations and treatments in the management of voice disorders.


Research Interests:

Medical and Surgical Device Design, Development and Delivery