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Nature is chock full of chemical labyrinths that NMR helps navigate, but the technology is pricey, so teaming up to optimize use and share costs makes great sense.

NSF award supporting researchers at Georgia Tech, Emory, Northwestern, and the University of Chicago

Postdoc in labs of Petit Institute researchers receives prestigious award from Canadian government

Researchers propose to use new microfluidic and computational modeling techniques

As a new anti-cancer drug delivery method heads into phase I clinical trials, researchers explore the tissue-level mechanisms that make it work.

M.G. Finn takes us along the journey to develop a vaccine against leishmaniasis.

Interdisciplinary researchers studycoupling of skull-brain vibroacoustics and ultrasound for enhanced therapy and diagnosis

Meetings over coffee led two professors to collaborate on research.

Georgia Tech and CDC researchers have provided new information about the factors affecting the virulence of anthrax.

New consortium leveraging region’s collective expertise to study brain injuries


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Researchers have developed a sensor that could improve the monitoring of brain aneurysm treatments.
Georgia Tech researchers have develop a way to remotely activate modified T cells from outside the body using near-infrared laser that precisely targets tumors
Researchers scrambling to find alternative ways to fight antibiotic-resistant infections
Sam Brown of Petit Institute urges hard push for alternatives to treating bacterial ailments
Petit Institute researcher Mark Prausnitz weighs in on hormone treatment that could cure obesity and type 2 diabetes
FDA-approved drug holds first promise for kids with genetic disease
Petit Institute researcher, James Dahlman, recognized by MIT Technology Review
Families with children affected by a rare neurological disease ML4 are rallying with researchers in Atlanta.
The momentous transition to multicellular life may not have been so hard afterall
From Petit Institute researcher Eva Lee: Data is the answer to fighting the flu