About the GT BioMAT

This Biomaterials training program is supported by the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering, a part of the National Institutes of Health, through grant T32 EB006343.

The field of Biomaterials significantly impacts the quality of life of thousands of people. Biomaterials have traditionally been used in medical devices such as hip implants, vascular grafts, and stents with new evolving applications in scaffolds/drug delivery devices for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. However, significant challenges remain with the ability of Biomaterials to integrate seamlessly with the body, to respond and remodel with time in vivo. The full potential of Biomaterials has not yet been realized, in part, because most materials that are used today are by-products of other processes, not rationally designed with the specific medical requirements in mind.

The objective of the GTBioMAT program is to provide advanced and integrated training for predoctoral engineering students in Biomaterials to develop future leaders in academia and industry. The GTBioMAT training program will focus on integrating four important skill sets that are critical to training the future leaders in Biomaterials science and engineering: 1) the ability to elucidate Biomaterials design criteria through strong clinical interactions; 2) the ability to synthesize and characterize new materials whose design is driven by an understanding of the underlying clinical and basic science issues; 3) the ability to functionalize and apply these materials such that they integrate appropriately into living systems; and 4) develop leadership skills in the trainees such that they lead the next generation of Biomaterials Science and Engineering research through their innovation and research. The goal of this program is to provide a structured, focused, integrative training for the rational design and application of the next generation of rationally designed, integrative materials.

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